23 September 2010

in my own place

Shifting, again. Ugh.

Now now now tell me, do we really have this type of house in Malaysia? Like seriously I absolutely like it a loooooooot. Like you can't really totally tell how much I love this because seriously you can't count love. It's just uncountable. Mind that, really ! Gimme this in Malaysia and I'm gonna love you forever, even more than forever.

I have been thinking how much will change after I have really grown up. I told Si Cantik of how much it is hard to tell when is 'after really grown up'? Some things are pretty hard to count, no? I guess these thoughts kept me from sleeping. Yeaaaaahs, it is really 5.20 am in the cold morning of Thursday and I am wide awake. Dang dang dang! I have a morning class and a hideous fitness test today and I can't sleep.

source: Flickr.com

I am probably worst than Novice. My brain is like, what now, no sleeping again? Or at least my eyes are actually saying, HAHAHHAHAHHAHA no sleeping for you tonight. You will be dead asleep during weekends and your dad will start complaining at dinner about your ugly sleeping schedule.

Just now, I flipped over *what shall I give this guy's nickname, eh?* My Favourite Subang boy *go on, ROFL?* Raya pictures and I thought that would be how my raya like after I am married to someone, probably a prince or a multi-millionaire. You never really know. I want a travelling Raya with my family, if so ever possible. Dang, happy thoughts can kill !

footnote: Maybe I really need to force myself to get a good book from the library and start distracting myself.

footnotejustspeciallyforNUSSOW: I am sorry I didn't tell you beforehand. Such a thief, am I? No?

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