20 January 2014

petrol pump rambles

I am now working at a gas station.

Honestly I am just after the job because it is the closest I can get to my house. Seriously, just a walking distance.

Anyway, ada beberapa perkara that I wish to ramble  here.

In all honesty, I think OAG companies in Malaysia are rich enough to publish iklan Hari Raya, Merdeka, Deepavali and all sorts of local celebrations. To my surprise, I wonder if they never thought of buat iklan pasal business transaction dekat gas station.

IMHO tak ramai yang tahu how to order for minyak thus menyusahkan both cashiers and customers. Dah tu bila ada kerugian, cashier pula yang kena bayar. Or at times, the customer.

This is what happens when you ask untuk isi minyak.
1. You park your car at one of the pump stations.
2. You order - say, RM10 PAM 5 RON95.
3. Cashier enters the amount RM10; cashier clicks on the pump no 5; cashier clicks on RON95; cashier cashes in your money.
4. Your minyak is readyyyy.

The problems come in many forms.

1. When customers are too lazy to buka mulut and just point their finger to their car. LIKE DUDE SERIOUSLY KERETA/MOTOR KAU MANA SATU - PAM 5 OR PAM 6? Do you think I am your neighbour and I know which one is your ride? I don't even know my neighbours' cars! Just sebut lah nombor pam or at least what colour/type of car is yours kalau tak nampak nombor tu.

2. When customers do not mention RON97 or RON95 or DIESEL. By default, the cashier will put in RON95 for you because most people here use RON95. When you do not say which one of the fuels do you require, RON95 is the only fuel opened for you. JADI KALAU NAK RON97 OR DIESEL, PLEASE DO TELL THEM.

3. When customers nak isian minyak penuh. YOU SHOULD DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY. There were many cases involving nak isi minyak penuh and cashier masukkan RM100 in the system and the customer isi and run off after dah isi. YES, TAK BAYAR. Guess who has to pay on their behalf? THE CASHIER WHO CASHES IN THE FUEL. Mannn, I ain't gonna pay your fuel with my hard-earned salaries. HELL NO.

Okay, so, say you want to isi penuh - THE CASHIER DOES NOT KNOW METER TANGKI MINYAK HANGPA KAT MANA. So you really have to guess for your own car. I DON'T EVEN KNOW ISI PENUH HILUX BERAPA OR KANCIL BERAPA OR AVANZA BERAPA. When you give me RM50, I will cash in RM50. If you give me RM100, I will cash in RM 100 even for a motorcycle. YES. THEN KAU AMBIL LAH BAKI KAU.

In three months I have worked there, dah dua kali customer mengamuk pasal isian minyak penuh. One dude and one dudette. Both with big cars with unfortunately little manners.

Case 1
This dude came to my counter and said PAM 10, isi penuh.
He left without giving me any cash. Out of sympathy, I cashed him RM100 sebab ya lah, kalau tak cash in nanti tak keluar lah minyaknya.
He came back to me after isi and shouted,
I replied, "Abang pergi selepas order tak bagi duit pun. Jadi saya masukkan RM100. Mana lah saya tahu kereta abang penuh berapa."
And he said, "Lain kali tanya lah dulu."
And I said, "jadi sekarang abang nak saya masukkan lagi berapa?"
He just threw me the RM100 note and said, "Tak payah lah."

Case 2
So this woman came to me and said PAM 11, isi penuh.
Learned from my lesson, I quickly said, "Kak, kena deposit dulu kak."
She seemed puzzled and said, "Kenapa kena deposit? Kalau isi dulu tak boleh?"
I replied casually, "Akak letak duit, saya masukkan. Kalau ada baki, akak datang ambil."
Deep in my heart, I really wanted to say - bukannya Petronas ni nak larikan baki akak punnn.
She gave me RM50 and left. After isi, she came back to me.
I said, "Akak bagi RM50 saya masukkan lah RM50."
She grumbled, "RM50 mana cukup dik."
Deep down, I really wanted to say - dah kalau tak cukup, bagi lah lebihhhhh.
But I replied instead, "Akak nak saya tambah berapa sekarang ni?"
"Tak payah lah. Menyusahkan orang je."

Sorry, but some people may not know yang dalam Malaysia ni tak semua orang jujur. These are two separate lessons I learned from the experience of other cashiers from my place.

Case One
This woman requested for isian minyak penuh. So the cashier said, "Saya masuk RM100, akak isi dulu and kemudian datang bayar." The woman isi minyak sampai RM70+ and never returned to pay. Mungkin dia lupa or what not but the cashier had to pay for her fuel.

Case Two
So this boy came and asked for isian minyak penuh. He clearly said he wanted to isi dulu and then datang bayar. The cashier asked her colleague who is on duty at forecourt to watch over the kid. After he has done isi, he paid half of the minyak dia isi because dia tak cukup duit. He used the name of his religion to convince the station workers that he will come again later to pay the remaining balance. He never came.

Pardon me, customers. The transaction mungkin melecehkan awak tapi these cashiers have dealt with thousands of people and they have definitely learned their lessons from previous transactions. Takkan nak harapkan these cashiers yang bayarkan untuk semua orang. Some of them probably earned even less than what you make in a month.

Honest rambles. I am resigning in few weeks. So these are my says.
Oh and I refuse to proofread this post because I need to shower. Gubai.