09 August 2012

so fickle is the heart

Your time will come, if you let it be right.

I made a mistake. One silly mistake. I am supposed to regret but I decided to go against it. Caught almost red-handed. I make a good liar, I think.

Everyone make a good pretty little liar. You'll only feel bad when you can lie to someone who's bad at lying.

I was chirpy the whole time especially on Twitter. I just ran away from home (with permission, of course). Home is boring especially when your mother teaches in boarding school and your father works outside state and your siblings are busy with their studies.

Imagine everyday waking up to do the laundry and do the dishes and sleep on the sofa after Grey's Anatomy until noon. Yet, you're still alone. No one comes home until at least the sun slips away from on top of your head. I have no objection against doing the house chores but the idea of being alone is too extreme.

So I sailed away on my usual adventure. The usual adventure - except this time I made a slipt. Made a mistake.

No regrets. All is fine. I am well. Others are okay. I hope. I think.

Now tell me, can someone be extra chirpy while her mind is loaded with unfixed problems? It is possible... because the mistake should be kept as a lesson and one must always enjoy the lessons of life.

I promise the next post will sound more positive and jubilant and cheerful and happier than this. Just allow me to clear my mind. Oh wait, actually, that is the whole point of this journey. Lalalalalala.

This, too, shall pass.
Until then.

p/s: I am posting this through Nook tablet. Pardon me for inexcusable typos. Just pardon me.