13 December 2010

the title is blabla

Cuti semester paling tidak berkualiti.

Rhetorical question: Cameron Highlands or Fraser's Hill?
My parents want us the kids to suggest a good place we should go for family holiday.
Since we ALWAYS go to the beaches and mom think that the monsoon is driving everybody (or only her) crazy, I think we should go somewhere uphill. 
I don't think there will ever be crazy waves or heavy rain I guess. 

I am bored of beaches (for now).
And we can't go somewhere outside the country because the holiday would be for several days. My brother's last paper is on 20th and my parents have meetings on 27th (I think).

Yes, I don't work so I am literally broke for now.
Luckily I have few savings that actually keep me alive, a bit.

My parents weren't impressed of my result because it isn't 3.5 plus.
On the other hand, I am well impressed of the result since I expected lower that 3.0 because during the exam week I was doing a marathon on How I Met Your Mother for all five seasons, I barely slept and I revised for only three to four hours each subject.

That probably means I screwed at class project or assignments blablabla. 

To Hawa, I haven't watch whatever video you want me to watch sebab saya online dekat sekolah Puan Ibu jadi blocked by websense tak habis-habis.

Now nak download free games for w980. Haha.

True story.

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