20 January 2011

you are allowed to be crazy

at times. Especially if you just lost your thumbdrive, few assignments and self-esteem.

I did this quiz on my Mom's Android; Your Life Expectancy.
Of course I do not trust this thing but I believe that is the maximum time I could live.
91.9 years old.
I do not want to live that long.
Though, I cheated on this one question.
How do you feel about your ageing?
I thought about it and it feels like cheating on myself.

On the other hand, Twelve and I agreed to stop hanging out until his second semester ends. I remembered that I suggested this but now I feel listless.
Hawa is going to help me through it.
So Twelve and I met for the last time yesterday.
The reason?
Let's say it is the way he punishes himself. 
We have to cut off some unnecessary distractions while studying.
And in this case, I am the distraction.
Not sure if I should be proud or sad.

I am going to get some books from my cousin, Izza. I am praying hard that she keeps the books that I want. Mind you, the books are expensive! And I am skipping studying loans. 
My friends persuaded me to get scholarship because I have qualified results but I do not want to tie myself into the job that I don't want.
Yes, I am not sure what am I going to be soon.
I keep changing my mind.
The list goes on and Twelve had to listen about all of them.
Later I am going to call Twelve and tell him that I want to be a vintage stuff collector.

Izza is funny, mind you. I like her post; A W K W A R D.
Speaking of bloggers, how awkward it is to find that you have been following this great blogger since she was still studying and now she is married! (No, I am not talking about Izza even though the thought of her getting married enlightens me hehe)
Bila hang nak kahwin ni? Haha, gatal noh.
And I asked Mama whether I actually address Izza as Izza or Kak Izza before this. 
She is few years older and she is my cousin.

Anyway, I am going to watch Hanis Manis acting this weekend. Going with Hawa, Nussow and Haziq. Loads of fun, I expect. Later, Hawa is going to sleepover at my house. At least, that is the plan.

Source: Wumbology is the Study of Wumbo!!

I have lost my enthusiasm on travelling home every weekends. God, please help me through this.

True story.

footnote: Dell, postcard is on the plane by now.

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