21 March 2011

aku ingat kau lain

Maybe I was wrong.

I thought after the new president, there will be no such things as bombing other people's country.

I thought after the recent tsunami, local people would ban the idea of building nuclear plant straight away.

I thought when you learned that it is time to withdraw from your throne, you would just retire and leave.

I thought when you are retired in the field, you should not have involved with that field anymore.

I thought when you said you're tired, you would just go and sleep.

I thought you said you don't want to leave your friend when you are chasing after success, but you do.

I thought we're together, but we now we're hanging.

I thought when you ask people to do good deeds, you should be doing the same.

I thought you're different from anybody else.
Now, I think, I am different.

You disappoint me.

True story.

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