01 April 2011

I know a friend

I don't understand money. Or maybe money does not understand me.

I dislike this one characteristic money: it becomes God to some people.
I heard once or twice, people said 
"Money is not everything but money changes everything."

But why, money, why do you have to change everything?

So I have a friend.
I like her. We all do.

Again, like I said. Money does not understand me, I do not understand money.
That means a lot. 
You cannot change me using your money.
You cannot buy me things to get me to help you self-destruct.
You cannot use money to get me to agree with you.

What have you done, friend?
Remember when I said, "bila dah kaya, jangan lupa kawan"?
When I said that, I do not want your money. Or presents.
I want you not to forget who was I or at least who am I.

One thing; I am not you. 
I do not chase money. I chase comfort.
I do not chase million of dollars. I chase mediocrity.
I do not chase people's Ferrari. I chase Kancil for myself.
Money does not make me permanently happy, friend.
I do not know why.

Please. At least, if you do not want to return to where you belong, don't come to me and give me a hell of a time.

True sad story. Sad story, indeed.


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