25 May 2015

little hills

After what I could say countless of attempts to hike this little hill down at Semenyih, I FINALLY REACHED THE TOP. It's hilarious to look back and think how much I have crossed the bottom part to go places but never have yet hiked the hill - until last Sunday.

Lokman has hiked hills and mountains few times before and he really wanted to introduce me to the challenge. Frankly, I am not a fan of hiking despite my fanaticism towards the idea of exploration. Elevation does not suit me, I suppose, just like running doesn't equally appeal to me. In any way, I tagged along with him and his cousin Dayana with my little sister Ara to the mini hiking challenge of Broga hill in Semenyih.

Yes, that's Dayana. Pardon the quality of the picture -- too lazy to edit.

Dayana said something about her wish to hike a particular local mountain. I like that idea, surely, but I really hope it isn't a day-trip. Kahkahkah. Pray to God for my poor stamina. Yes, it is nothing to boast really. I just refuse to allow these pictures to go to waste because, let's be honest, am I really gonna hike again? Well, probably, yes.

I wouldn't say I liked that trip as much because believe me there were tens, if not hundreds, of other hikers that morning. The top was really crowded and everybody was technically lining up to capture their photos on the huge rocks. Other than the amount of crowd, I think the trip was okay. I honestly had fun spending time with Lokman, his cousin and my sister.

Personally, I have to say that it was a good exercise and I'd probably have done better with ample rest and sleep beforehand. I did not sleep enough the night before due to several errands and I woke up at 4 AM to get ready. By 4.30 AM or so, we drove to Semenyih from my house. 

It was most likely better for me because I had Lokman with me - NO, I AM NOT TRYING TO BE CHEESY. But I like it when I can depend on someone who knows more about stuffs that I have zero sense.

So here you go.

It was just a mini celebration for him starting off a new job in a permanent career world. Although we are celebrating him, he was the one who drove for us, carried our stuffs and telekung in his backpack, became the sweeper for the day and paid for our breakfast set. Thank YOU, dude.

On another note, I am anxious about this year - the only year I am actually living in the future. Aiyoyo.