24 October 2017

motherhood: the fetus

After growing a mini person inside me for exactly 40 weeks, I officially become a mother on 11th May 2017. Congratulations to me... and to my son for his safe arrival plus my best friend who is automatically a dad that very night.

I have to say upfront that the announcement is the most important part of this post as the rest of the post is meant to record my memory for future reads. In short, it doesn't matter if you read it or don't; I don't care - unless you came out of my womb.

Anyway, here we go: it all began in September 2016. Lokman was scheduled to depart for offshore duties on that Monday. My family decided to celebrate my mom's birthday on that weekend. The morning before the party began, I woke up and peed on a stick. It wasn't the first time I did that so I wasn't really nervous or anything. It concerned me that my period kept coming late after I got married but those were all false alarm. Except for that September morning, I GOT THE TWO LINES.

Unsure of what to do, I put the stick on the sinktop and woke Lokman with, "I'm pregnant." His first word was, tipu (you're lying). Watta. So I just said, "go look at the sinktop." He went in, closed the door and took his time. He came out with his bewildered face and announced, "you're pregnant." Eyyy this man ah I tell you, didn't I just announced to him and he immediately accused me of lying. Deyyy lah. But we both just congratulated each other and continued to sleep. Lol.

My first pregnancy was a smooth one. I rarely got migraines compared to the prenatal days. I threw up only twice: once from sushi dinner and another from food poisoning (cimbet lah my favourite char kuey teow betrayed me). I had some troubles sleeping towards the end. My left leg was literally pain in the ass, hip and joint. My back, well, I swear it felt as if my backbones were all bent in so mamy ways. My feet barely swell. I slept like felines - most hours of the day - and if I was not sleeping, I was eating. That's all. Other than that, I felt normal lah.

At first, I was fed with maternity milk but then I got lazier and those milks are damn expensive so I stopped consuming those. I drank only generic milk in boxes with cereals - mostly Dutch Lady chocolate flavour. I didn't take extra supplement other than prescribed by my obgyn - folic acid, zincofer etc. I don't think I confined my diet, I ate like any other normal human beings... while I still could.

As any other parents, we were very excited with our first pregnancy. Hence, we went for a 4D sonogram to capture photos and videos of this little fella while he was still in the womb. Here's a picture of him at 32nd week:

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While I can say the overall experience of my first pregnancy was a smooth one, there was a bumpy road towards the end of my term. I just thought that it astounds me that people I was willing to call family actually turned their back against me and wrecked me emotionally and mentally at week 36. Anyway, good thing I had my graduation ceremony to cheer me up. Even then, I was still disappointed with everyone. Lokman went through hell too, I guess. He had to rush home from his office almost daily since the thing to make sure I didn't fall into pit of depression.

Ah well, what do you know. I guess some people are just assholes when it comes to being compassionate towards pregnant folks. I want to write about it but perhaps some other time.

Four weeks later, against all odd, my little human came into this world. All lives aren't the same since then but I'll detail the big day on another post. This is him on his first day:

Anyway, I am a mommy now :)

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