30 March 2010

god put a smile on your face

I miss your smile, your laugh and your scar on the forehead.

Today is a happy day for everybody.
One with his new girlfriend.
And he wrote about it in his blog.

One recovered with his old girlfriend, by dedicating a song.
Wonderfully that song was sung live on the radio by a famous singer, Noh.

One waiting for a girl.
He put it up on his status.

One at home, eating carelessly and being online to update her current job.
She said something about becoming makcik dobi (laundry girl) at home. Nice one.

One is planning to go shopping with the other girlfriends at The Old Blossom Box.
I saw on their wall posts. Damn, I miss them all.

One is having his nice time at home.
Tomorrow he will leave for work at Pahang.

Others are probably at home watching tv nicely, laughing with friends at the class and meet up with probably their special ones.
I am happy for them :)

I miss him.
Can't time fly very fast?
Can you get a jet or something more powerful than that?

footnote: Saya suka cuti tapi bontot rasa gatal duduk rumah lama-lama. Nak cari kerja lah.

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