29 March 2010

if we ever meet again

It feels like changing girlfriend/boyfriend.

Eventhough I haven't deleted the old blog *name cannot be specified due to privacy control*, I miss it a lot. Seriously, I want it back.

It is not that I don't like you Nitty Gritty but I am changing my lane.
You will be my new best friend. I have to say 'it' has died. I have to move on.

I wonder if an author has some kind of bond or strong relationship with their blog.
It is really damn hard to let go the old one. And move on here. I love 'it' a lot.
*Damn you bloody people*

I would like to ask, to all bloggers who has been blogging for quite sometime, what would you feel if your blog has to be deleted? Losing the other half or feeling nothing?

I wonder.

footnote : I will love you Nitty Gritty. We will be best friend :)

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