15 May 2010

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Hari-hari, aku kena rasa cool. Anda bagaimana?

(testing myself at promoting)

Hello peeps *huge smile*. So I actually joined a youth club namely Youthsays. I think I have joined it last two years but nevermind, what's important here is that this club is going to held a huge youthfest in Malaysia. Sorry, not that it is only huge but also Malaysia's Largest Youth Fest. That's right, the one you see on the right part of the screen right now.

It is Youth'10 Festival.

So anyway, the pass for this festival would price up to RM20 but you can get it absolutely free by registering (for free as well) at the link here: Youth'10 Festival Free Pass.

This will be held at Putra World Trade Center this upcoming 28th until 30th May 2010. I can assure it is going to be absolutely awesome. You can get there by public transport too; all you have to do is to take the KTM train until Putra station and walk across the street and tadaa ! You are there !

You can also sign up for volunteers if you are boring enough sitting lazily at home. Just click at the given link too and enter the volunteers section.

And if you promote this event to your friends, you will be rewarded as well ! You will also get the chance to participate in many competitions such as essay writing and photography. Plus, you will get the chance to get along, socialize and communicate with other youth across the country.

Interesting right? Join the club then !
Nothing to lose; free pass to the fest and other benefits included.


How good am I at promoting? Just using the persuasive speech skills back in class yaw.

So sebenarnya ada benda nak tulis tapi tak tahu macam mana nak luah kan. He he.
Nantilah tulis kat post lain.

By the way, kalau aku masuk essay competition tu, korang rasa berbaloi tak? Tapi aku tak pasti nak tulis apa?

Aku akan berasa low self-esteem apabila aku tahu ramai lagi yang lebih hebat daripada aku lalu mematahkan semangat aku untuk menyertai sebarang pertandingan menyebabkan aku berasa sedih dan kecewa (sikit je) walaupun belum cuba belum tahu.

Ah takdenya, aku takde masa nak tulis essay dengan kerja sebeban hari-hari.

Tapi biasanya kalau nak masuk essay competition yang general, aku jadi macam ni:
Nak cerita pasal apa eh?


No idea. Hmpf.

footnote: Many gossips at work yaw GOSSIP GIRLS (& boys) :DD

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