15 May 2010


Edit: Gambar kaki.

I haven't watched the whole episode. Muli, bila nak bagi ha?

Point #1- List of unnecessary things I do randomly

Sometimes, they make me feel as a loser when I cannot behave like everyone else but at times, I feel more unique then anybody else.

Poking people randomly - Usually, aku poke dekat upper arms or belakang badan. Kalau dalam keadaan duduk, aku poke peha. Okay, POKE or PROD or CUCUK in Malay. Not raba or harassing. I am not a kind of perverted person.

Standing with outside feet supporting my body - I have no specific idea how to explain this but usually I don't stand with both my feet's surfaces on the ground *seriously I have to post a picture to explain this*.

Dia macam tapak kaki belah luar tu je yang melekap kat tanah. Faham tak? Ha ha. Ya, seperti dia atas.

Standing with my feet crossed - This one, normally done during the National anthem played. I cannot stand straight because I would feel like vampires in Twilight. No, I don't know why but standing straight seems to annoy me. Dulu kat sekolah pakai kain kan? So kalau aku silang kaki masa berdiri, pengawas pun tak nampak *kantoi rahsia aku*. Eh, tapi Upik pun buat macam ni kalau dia tak pakai baju pengawas dia.

Erasing invisible errors - I write something using my finger and then I make an error. If it happens, I will rub the invisible errors *which only visible to me* and rewrite it.

Placing Haha and :) or :D in messages just to make it seem longer - Oh especially replying to Twelve. Example if I say 'Okay' only it will sound like I am angry or not in the mood *at least I thought so* but instead if I say 'Okay haha :)', it should sound more cheerful right? No, I don't use LOL or LMAO.

Saying Byebye or Hello in the middle of conversation - I have no reason why. I just like to say greetings to people, even in the middle of conversation especially with my sister. When I say Byebye doesn't mean then I am walking away. I just need a reason to wave my hand.

Producing weird noises - Err. I don't know why too. Maybe I should stop listing these unnecessary things I do. I am beginning to feel that others who read this might feel that I am a super psychotic person.

I feel comfortable being me. I guess, that is just why I wrote this, he he.


Point #2 - Orang yang kedekut ilmu bukan guru sejati.

For all teachers in the world, nobody will be successful without you around. I am wishing hard so I can be apart of you all. I wish my parents will let my dream come true.

Some great moveis about teachers' sacrifices are Glee, Freedom Writers, Beautiful Mind and Lean on Me. They are absolutely outstanding yaw.

Anyway, this will be the special and exclusive present for all you as a small reward to your outstanding achievement in generating successful people - first video post on my blog. He he.

For Teacher's Day 2010, I present you *what I found from YouTube*

Happy Teacher's Day peeps !

footnote: Tak sabar nak hari Isnin kot. Expecting penat yang gembira yezzzza.


  1. -____-

    lama lagi kot balik. encik twelve tak download ke?

  2. hey i like to stand with my feets crossed no matter where i am too, and i like to erase invisible errors too, and add "haha, :), :D" in my texts especially to my special someone to make my texts sound cheerful too lah! i tot all this tyme i was acting so immature, rupe nye ade member :D haha!


  3. totally agree with Point 1. almost all of it, I think :))

  4. okay muli tak kisah la lama mana aku sanggup menunggu glee aku tercinta :D

  5. thank you cik penguin ! hehehe

  6. atiqah, WOW can we make a facebook group or fan page or something? HAHAHA :DD