18 June 2010

see you when you get there

Sad and lonely. Misery is their best friend.

What would you do
if you are a cashier,
and a customer comes in ordering for meals early in the morning,
but the customer probably forgets to brush his/her teeth,
and you obviously can see his/her air liur basi?

What would you do
if you decided something that you want for your future,
then you accidentally changed your mind
because you realizes you need something else for you future,
but you get what you want but not what you need?

What would you do
when a person is trying to impress you,
and you feel annoyed with the person,
because he/she keeps looking at you
while he/she does something that might attracts you at any cost?

What would you do
if an awkward friend of yours tell stories about something you personally don't like,
and you don't know how to comment to his/her stories?

What would you do
if you cross a person
who is picking his/her nose
in public?

I am disconnecting from this virtual world.
And hey, I like wordpress. Probably because I will be lonely there.
I guess I want to be alone. For now. Meanwhile.

Bye is a rude word. Now.

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