03 August 2010

dua tiga kucing berlari, buat spring clean di malam hari

Malaysia takde empat musim jadi peduli hape kalau bukan spring pun bila aku bersihkan bilik.

Kalau gambar tak jelas dan anda curious, jangan emo sebab aku tak letak gambar besar gedabak atau tak edit bagi lagi jelas. Klik and see the larger images okay darlingggs? Thank you.

Berikut merupakan perkara-perkara yang aku jumpa semasa mengemas bilik. It was fun though, looking at something that you have always ignored their existence while they are in the RIGHT SAME room with you. Yes, they all belong to me, personally.

Actually, I was looking for something else but instead, I found other treasure.
To you, they might be some filthy rubbish. I guess, they're no rubbish for me.
So, I scanned them all dengan penuh rasa bangga dan gembira.

This is the Maxis advertisement on newspaper. I am not sure if they are still published at current time. I like it because they are so adorable, I could die !
Tapi ada invisible people kat situ kan? I circled them red. I mean, wow. They are now so scary, I could die !

This card came from Sumai Lee, a good friend of mine back at high school. We used to exchange letters in class while we were in Form 2, during prep hours. Pity all the people who had to pass our letters around. Hehe, sorry.
The prep classes during Form 2 were so quiet and boring. Letters are sooo fun, I could die !

This card is from the same person. She posted me a present, a t-shirt to be exact. She is so nice, I could die ! Anyway, I still wear that shirt until today. Haiya, aku je yang belum pos apa-apa untuk birthday dia. -_____-" <----the looong face.

This is from Iffah the Non-iffy. I called her Iffats and she went mad at me hahahaha. One day, she spat soy milk (which I happened to hate a lot) to me in prep class, accientlly because Della was telling a joke. Oh lord. At that time, I was wearing a green baju kurung with white tudung and she wore red-black baju kurung with BRIGHTEST BRIGHT RED tudung. After the incident, I could not stand the soy milk on my tudung so I had to change tudung with her (since we can't go back to the dormitory. Can you imagine green baju kurung with BRIGHTEST BRIGHT RED tudung? It feels like being in the Box of Shame (though I never happened to cross any Box of Shame in my life).

Anyway, do you see the part I circled? I will tel about them more later. Yeah, she scribbled on that piece of picture. It was the last gift before we leave each other. Seeeee, I like fish and lots of nasi since I was in high school. Wooot. I have the appetite of a growing boy in that girls' school.

This is from the same person, Iffafufu. This was where I adapted the term Good Luckiss. So, whoever plagiarised me with this term before, give your credit to her. Thank you.

Iffahfufu gave me this before Trial Paper or SPM Paper, I think. I am not pretty sure.

This is a conversation with me and Dell during school assembly. Formal Monday assembly was so boring in that school, I could die. Like seriously this time, I COULD die.

Oh, what's the difference with other school? Don't you dare telling me your school's Monday assembly is so fun, you could die. Yeah, I might kill you HAHA.

Spot me if you can ! You can spot Adell and Iffafufu here too.
*Cepat cari awek kat sini HAHAHAHAHA*

Ini nota entah apa-apa daripada seorang debater yang entah apa-apa buat kerja last minit. Semangat je lebih, isinya entah apa-apa. I don't remember the motion for this debate but I rememeber this is the only debate we lost on that debate competition back at school.

Tengok la. Isi pun tah apa-apa.Yakin lebih-lebih je hehe.

This one was the first motion we got during the competition. We won this (we won all except for the only one up there). See, the big word FASTER? Well, that's Erna. She wrote for me on my notes so I wouldn't explain and elaborate unnecessarily and exceed time limit and deduct our side's marks. Since that was my first argument of the competition, I got a lot nervous and many butterflies in my stomach that it could explode. Haha.

This one was the best argument of all and the most nervous of all and the most I-could-die-of-nervousness-any-moment of all motions debated because it was the FINAL. Oh my, you imagine how many merits we could get if we win this one. We won it, alright.

We had to stand that English is NOT needed and UNNECESSARY to guarantee success. This motion covers worldwide appearance so imagine that we had no points AT ALL. We had some little ideas in our head but the points weren't so strong that we could stumble if there's no proof.

Our (or my) biggest moment of this debate was when I 'borrowed' a book from the library and I think, besides Adell's evidence, my evidence was so worth it. I presented a book of Grammar of English which was written in Bahasa Malaysia. Awesome eh?

See, ajar English dengan Bahasa Malaysia. How people believe that no matter dengan bahasa apa kau ajar orang tu untuk bercakap English, perhaps they could succeed.

p/s: Masa tu memang masa dengki-mendengki dengan opponent side. So semangat semakin waja le.

Ini nota Chemistry. Nota aku memang tunggang terbalik.Kenapa tu aku tak pasti.

Ini nota Chemistry page sebelah yang tadi tu. Well, can I say I miss them already? I asked Twelve to teach me Physics and Chemistry and Additional Maths again.
He agreed *mestilah kalau tak aku taknak buka puasa dengan kau HAHA*.

Dan ini lah perkara yang diajar dalam kelas sekarang. I like English a lot but but I miss Maths, I guess.

I wrote this during the module we had to attend during last weekends. It was great and fun. We did many things. Salah satunya ni lah, kena tulis matlamat according to the questions given. Semua orang tulis matlamat nak jadi cikgu lah, Master, PhD etc. Well, since I was not sure of what I want next four years so I guess I put on my matlamat jangka pendek yang dua jam dari masa perkara tersebut ditulis there (and I succeded!)

Rasa lebih berwawasan tak sekarang?

I am typing all these while I am at my mom's school under the optimum temperature of air-conditioner and comfortable chair and nice table. I had a good breakfast and great sleep last night. I couldn't be less happier having this YouTube videos downloading so freaking fast that it might be faster than my heartbeat.

Semalam pergi menonton Despicable Me dengan budak yang dipublishkan dalam pos sebelum ini. Sisters day out ho yeaaahh. Yang lain semua pergi sekolah *stick out tounge* dan kami menonton wayang sambil makan jeli dan popcorn dengan gembira sekali. Si adik excited naik public bus for the first time ever. Nak je aku tangkap gambar manusia overexcited ni tapi ramai orang dalam bas tu, malu I.

Panjangnya post ni. Dah la, toodles.

Oh btw, the part yang 'this ____ is so _____, I could die is adapted from Agnes' dialogue at the theme park in Despicable Me. Dialog dia "The unicorn is so FLUFFY, I could dieee !" Comel kan comel kan macam saya, tumbuk kang.

footnote: Gendang gendut tali kecapi, Youtube laju senang hati. *mesti Hawa si perempuan cantik dengki dengan aku HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (lebih evil daripada biasa)*


  1. this entry is too longggg, and I coud die! hahahhaa!

  2. shomelnyaaa post kakak!!! hihihi im missing you lah ;D

  3. shomelnyaaa post kakak!!! hihihi im missing you lah ;D

  4. DAYAH: Heeeee. I die die die :DD

    IFFAFUFU: Oii miss ya tooo :')