26 November 2010

near-to-death experience

Tell me the relationship between dark roads and speed of your vehicle.

Yesterday, I went to another state simply because my dad wants to eat nasi lemak there. It is not really far if you actually live by the barrier between states. Anyway, it was raining heavily and we went through dark highways.

I noticed something wrong with cars around us. The manoeuvring seemed odd and my dad was actually doing something with his Blackberry, while driving.

Later though, Twelve texted me saying that he was heading back to his college from Taiping. We kept texting until I realized that he was actually texting WHILE driving. It's not that I was angry or anything, in fact, I think that is cute but surely dangerous. So he stopped texting.

Then, he never replied.

And I waited until almost two to three hours.

You see, everyone of us has this paranoia towards something that has probably happened or has the possibility to happen before. 

If I am experiencing something that almost deadly kills me, I would have thought of everything regretful I have done in my life.
If that every second counted as a year for each; I would have gone travel and make a lot of money, buy my dad a car, buy my mom the table mirror that I still fail to get her, get married yada yada yada even if it left only for three seconds which, in my assumption, are three years.
(Now I think there are too many commas in the previous sentence)

Damn, I should have thought of all my sins. What is wrong with me? 

If I can choose my own near-to-death experience, I would have chosen to be sick at the hospital rather than die at the crime scene. Even though it could be painful, at least (I hope) I would be able to apologize, pray to God and die beside the people I love. At least.

But I can't choose.

Oh today, Twelve is fine, alive and traumatic. He was the driver of the car that night. Everybody including the car survived. No one got a scratch. Just traumatic.

Well, sorry that I laughed. Not that I don't care but everything happens for a reason. That's life.

Please do not speed unnecessarily.
Proven then.
True story.

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