21 November 2010

yesterday you were selfish,

today you lost everything.

I browsed through tales of selfish people and I found The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde and this.

I think everybody has to be selfish sometimes for some appropriate reasons but of course, not all the time.

There is a quote from Mother Theresa, 
"One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody".

And there are several quotes about selfishness from Encik Google.
There are quizzes too! And I took this one and I am 28% selfish according to the quiz. Surely it is not accurate because well, people change. 

I am pretty upset with some things. I don't think I should tell about it here but still it bothers me a lot. 

And I think men are example of selfish people.

First, speaking religiously, Muslim women are suppose to cover their whole body except face and both palms. Men, however, don't have to but that doesn't mean men can force women to do such thing. Okay, it is their responsibilities but can't they say it nicely? In Islam, kalau nak berdakwah kan kena berhikmah? Should you say, 'Kau ni tak reti pakai tudung ke?' like hello, kau lagi tak reti pakai tudung kan?

Second, pasal kain dalam. Okay, I think many women are aware that some of their skirts are quite transparent. Sometime, they are not aware of that. But men should tell their wives or daughters nicely right? Not 'kau ni apasal tak pakai kain dalam nak sangat tunjuk kaki?'. I solemnly swear if men should wear skirts someday, I would force them to wear kain dalam and to hell, you know it is freaking uncomfortable wearing that under your skirt. And yes, I have rejected most of such transparent clothes.

Third, why most men always think that they are so clever? God is fair. You are not clever at everything. You may do well at driving but you may not cook as well as your wife can. Come on, those women at your home are very humble with their capabilities to cook, sew, wash, clean at weekends and work on weekdays. You want to boast of your capabilities of waking up late, sit around, throw laundry, eat greedily, snore while napping during weekends and work on weekdays?  

These are among examples that I am usually pissed off about. 
Why am I so pissed off? 
I am so not going to get a boyfriend for now. But hey, cheers.

And if you think Summer in 500 Days of Summer is b*tch, you bet. I think some men (which are not like Tom Hansen) deserve a girl like her. Learn the lessons, dude.

I think I should emphasize that I mentioned MOST men/women instead of ALL men/women.
And I think last post's title is for this post. Haha.

True story.


  1. :D totally agree with u. i mean , when u say men should speak nicely to women, in any way pun :)

  2. terima kasih. yes, in any way pun :DD

  3. I love "kain dalam" V much

  4. I understand you but I don't know how should I understand that haha.