30 December 2010

born baby born

Cakes, candles, presents, family, friends and me.

Birthday present by Syaza Adela :)
Yesterday I had a wild dream. 
There were many events in that dream but the scariest one was the time I am pregnant.
I have this huge bloated stomach and I think the baby is going to crawl out of the tube anytime and I was at the hospital and my mother with this other woman were trying to find somebody who can help me deliver (I guess) and suddenly at that point I got so scared of delivering the baby and I thought of having Cesarean to get that baby out but it was probably to late to arrange that. 

Then I woke up and sat down and I felt relieve that I still have flat stomach and no baby or hospital or doctors around me. 
Just my pillow, my sister, the bed and morning daylight.

I guess that dream is going to haunt me until I am going to be pregnant.
But when I talked to Twelve or Nussow, they laughed and when they did, I thought, why the hell am I so scared of it? You're a freaking woman!

Maybe I am still a little girl. Afraid of future, tiny places, height and pregnancy. But I like babies a lot.

Drinking a glass of water

This was me. I don't remember what age but I think you can guess.

Happy 19th Birthday to me.

True story.

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