02 December 2010

the three brothers

are distracting me. And I am prettier version of Goldilocks.

I found myself frequently distracted after I have read the seventh book for the fourth time in a week.
I know it won't bother for long but it still bothers me at the moment.

This evil man died because of Power.
This secretive man died because of Lost Love.
This young man greeted Death like an old friend.

Just like the three brothers. Ironically.

Have I ever mention that if any of my course subject's assign us to make a review of any movie, I'd dibs on 500 Days of Summer?

I should start reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. 
Just another distraction.

True story.


  1. suka benor ye ko ngan citer ni..hahahah

  2. zabri: yes, i do. indeed :)

    izham: terima kasih. pelajarnya pun menarik jugaaaa :D