02 December 2010

si tanggang

and other local fables.

Few minutes ago..

I was in my attempt to post this through my mom's Android.
I was teaching my little sister how to fold and origami boat.
I was in my attempt to build a small pendant of, err, never mind.

Anyway, now I am with my mom's Mac (how come she gets all the cool stuff?) and posting this.

Nussow and I had a brief texting period the other day. We, somehow, believe that fairy tales are probably true like how the tales of Beedle the Bard are true in Harry Potter world. Surely though, Harry Potter world itself do no exist right?

Just an idea.

I am pushing my limits to build this pendant. I really want it to be handmade, by my hands. 
Sure I'll show it when I succeed.

I still haven't write my will and a friend suggests our friend who works with a bank regarding this 'will' things but I never thought of going that serious.
I mean, I am not sure if I am that serious about the will and the 'our friend'.

I am being so secretive and serious today, am I?

True story. 

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