20 February 2011

selfish*tty week

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people this weekend?

The days have been bad for me.
These aren't karma because I'd never give people such heavy times all at once.
The week has gone crazy starting Monday, I think.

I left my cellphone at home on that day.
It was a bad tudung day.
Twelve called me something he'd regret his whole life.
Dad got angry with me because I left my phone at home.
I had a Computer Test.
The lucky things on that day could be; I was still alive and the Public Speaking class was cancelled.

The days after that went normal.
Such abnormal things were my housemates cooked sardine and veggies that I do not eat. I do not blame them but I blamed myself for not eating those food. 
I may have sardine intolerance but such thing does not exist.

Friday is the climax of everything.
Because some people were being *insert cursing word here* and I REALLY HATE THAT.
Blame me first, I slept late the day before. Got up early on Friday.
The car we planned to rent (and mind you, we have booked two days before!) was late. Like hours late.
We had an appointment at 11.30 and we got the car at 11!
The journey would take approximately 40 minutes so we had to rush. CRAZY!
I have the incapability to drive efficiently so please respect that. 
I got my license and I had not had a car since then.
Stupid rental car man, your apologies do not work on me. AS*HOL*.

Then later in the evening, when else are settled, I bought one carton of chrysanthemum tea. I am okay with sharing but seriously, my brother and sister drank the whole carton!
I just had a few sips before, even less than half glass!
I got really angry but I did not shout or scream or show any kind of tantrum.
I walked into my room and tried to sleep.
I skipped dinner because of that.

I called Twelve. 
We had a fight.
You called me something hurtful before right? I'd like to call one now but I am a GOOD GIRL so I am behaving myself.

Why is everybody being selfish?

Something happened on Saturday but I refuse to recall it or maybe I'll have to force myself to sleep again.

Then today, my friends back in Shah Alam went to the program that I've been joining before.
Only this time, I did not.
And my closest friends went there!
All this time I've been asking them to join and they refused.
But this time, they went there!

I am feeling really down at the moment.
With my Twitter on the phone giving the pain in the ass.
Nothing helps much.
Sorry for those cursing/ugly words.
And yes, when I am angry, I go to sleep.

Where the heaven is my silver lining?

True story.

footnote: Sorry I was TOO CLEAR. I really can't keep it to myself any longer. 

theotherfootnote: I am changing the name of this blog to MY MOKESKIN. Maybe. That's the plan.

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