02 March 2011

fried emotion with cheers and sugar rush

I am self-actualizing *really huge grin.

First of all, I would want to congratulate myself for passing the fourth level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. I gained my self-esteem back but I am pretty sure it isn't stable -______-"

Anyway, last night I had a weird dream. My friend who is also Twelve's roomate of almost two years gives me a Blackberry. The model which appears in Step Up 3 movie. I seriously don't know what model is that and I searched but I couldn't find but still, in that dream he bought me yellow, soooooooooo awwwwesome I wish it was not just a dream TSK TSK. 
But I told him about it and he said that if he was ever going to be a millionaire, I can get 10 of them HAHAHAHA I WILL DEFINITELY ASK YOU OKAY.

I am FINALLY going home this weekend. I skipped every other weekends about returning and THIS MUST NOT BE A HABIT. This weekend we're going to the grooming event in UKM. We, I mean, my friends and I. Next weekend, I planned to join my family for a Family Day but the lecturer is giving us TWO FREAKINGGGGG SYNTAX tests in one daaaaaay *hang yourself.
FYI that is similar to having tests of vector calculus or whatever hard subject you're taking within 24hours. 

My housemates have this thought that we probably hang out with other courses more than we do with our own courses. I hope that's not true but, err, I hope it is. There is some sort of voices saying stuff about my course but WTH nobody really fond of loud people and that has really been a famous trait of people in my course. I like my coursemates but of course, you cannot expect everybody to be exactly like you: having same thought, same feelings and ideas etc.

I AM JOINING HAHAWAWA'S BUSINESS according to my dad. Oh my, I suck at business. I really do. Even for Kemahiran Insaniah test, I failed it! 
But surely, I look at it through positive sides:
One, I am gaining knowledge.
Two, I am going to get constantly motivated (insyaallah).
Three, I am helping Hahawawa and Haziq and Nussow etc.
Four, it could kept me busy.
Five, I have constant consumer.
Six, I am gonna dieeeeeeee.

I told the news to Twelve and his reaction was devastating but I cannot tell you more.

I am suppose to do homework but *sigh* blame the Internet.
Will update more. I prommmmissssseee.

Trueeeeeeeeeeee story.

footnote: Still praying dad will let me have his compact Canon and Blackberry.

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