04 February 2011

that girl

Cinderella Man. Awesome.

The other day, I watched a movie with my family.

There was a scene showed: a woman and a man (a couple) both arguing loudly by the roadside witnessed by a group of people who's having birthday party. (Mind you, I think it as in front of a church).
The hero of the movie tried to split this couple up since there is a hint that this man is going to hit the woman. That man was actually drunk so the hero tried to help him out. The drunk man tried to initiate a fight with the hero so the hero (whose character is a famous boxer) punched him.
That drunk man walked away and the woman, who was supposed to thank the hero for saving the violence, ran towards the drunk man and asked if he is okay. She felt sorry for the punch that hero gave him.
That drunk man ignored the lady and shooed her away. The lady was trying to help even though he was about to hit her before! Damn.

I was not being emotional though I said to myself: That is one STUPID woman.

My aunt was physically and emotionally abused by her husband. I am not sure if the term 'financially abused' existed but I would use such term for my aunt's case. Anyway, until today, she has always tried to postpone her divorce.
To me, the marriage has to end because now it starts to affect her children and her siblings (including my mother).
Sorry aunt but you told us he chased you around in his motorcycle and threatened your family and stole your money, your car. What else he could do later?

That is one STUPID decision.

Later, I told Twelve about it. He thinks that that isn't stupid. It means loyalty.
That is totally hilarious, Twelve. HAHA.
I think he thought like that simply because he's a boy.
And I still stand by my own opinion.

So before I sleep that night, I thought about it.
Maybe I am, too, that girl; stupid or loyal, whichever it is.

True story.

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