27 January 2011

I can calculate well, okay?

I sat for a Math quiz. Total disaster. 

The quiz was held to assist the Part 8 Educational Mathematics students to do their thesis.
They want to compare our answers with Part Edu Maths students *big laugh big laugh* and made us answer each questions (which mostly we have to guess) in 35 seconds.

I was this:

I like jellyfish. So, assume that is me.

And my classmates too. Including Eja.

I converted most questions with fractions or decimal point to percentage form.
That should explain why I can count discount prices better.

There is a valid reason and point why I refused to accept the offer for engineering courses. Or even the medical courses (despite the fact that I hate blood).

Actually, I believe we can answer all those correctly if we are provided more time.
Sudoku doesn't help much, trust me. I've been doing that puzzle constantly for past few months.

Anyway, since now I can tweet through phone, Eja and I posted statuses whole morning.
Great day and it still is.

True story.

p/s: Kepada para pembaca blog Hawa, silalah jawab soalan pertandingan dia.

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