23 April 2015

oh happy days

I don't always know how to break good news to people without appearing like I am humble bragging. I learned that a lot of people cherish at the idea of your sufferings but not as many are sincerely happy with your achievements.

Nonetheless, if I must say I have sufferings, I probably do - I really feel like travelling with Lokman at times like this. Sure enough, I have to wait at least until December to get this thing that I want.

Anyway, I am happy for

doing well in class (by well, I mean I am not dying yet),
recently being offered a scholarship throughout the program,
Lokman commencing his training with an O&G company next month


yesterday this came in my inbox:

I honestly am not certain on how to react but surely I am thrilled.
I cannot allow myself to show the remaining of the email but I have also been invited to Ipoh for the launching of the anthology in October.

Pardon my ecstaticism for this is my first opportunity to have my work published.
I did not submit my work solely for publication but it was actually one way I could do to commemorate my memories of journeys to the north in the past five years.

No, I do not actually intend to be an author despite I used to have such ambition when I was in school. I suppose I am always inclined to teaching... which is why I just dropped my CV for a lecturer position last week.


Thank you for reading regardless my having no idea why you are here.