22 June 2015

petty changes

Us human are bound to changes.
It would be a lie if I have never accused him of 'changing'. And after long considerations, I found myself rather dumb to expect him to never change.
Good thing I am able to embrace changes now - it is inevitable, no matter how hard you argue with someone for whatever 'changes' that you see in your eyes.

Take these for instance:

Back then when we were both studying, I would have him as company as we both struggle with our assignments together but in separate places.
Now I am struggling alone late at night as he sleeps and reenergizes for work tomorrow.
Back then we could have endless conversation and late night pillow talks when we can.
Now my assignments are heavier and I work hours to juggle between one and another as he gets his good night sleeps on weekdays.
Back then I could simply go north and visit him to escape the reality.
Now we are both tied to reality as we patiently wait for the time to escape.

There are things that are bound to change and things that simply don't.
Thus regardless of all these, I am still deeply in love with you.
And I have yet to understand how and why.