14 April 2010


My random occasions with a person, I name here hm Twelve.

Twelve and I found a women's ring at the beach. Twelve found it first and showed it to me. I laughed and made an attempt to throw it. Twelve stopped me but I don't think it would be good to keep things from the sea so we threw it.

Twelve got on different public transports (train, taxi and bus) to come to my place to see me and waited for me at the front of my part-time-clerk office. I saw Twelve was reading newspaper. Then we walked together to the mall beside the block.

Twelve passed driving test in one trial. Twelve failed the computer test once. Twelve had to resit the computer test. I am scared of the driving test coming up next week. I did not fail my computer test before.

Twelve brought me shopping. Twelve bought a new watch, Swatch for men. I have a watch too, Swatch for men.

Twelve celebrated 14th birthday. Later at night, I was in a shopping mall when Twelve texted me that Twelve has a new member in the family.

Twelve and I spent the whole day at the mall. Twelve bought me a bag and we watched a movie. At night, we went dinner together with our friends. The next day, I will be sitting on the exam. Twelve and I had a big fight, we decided we don't want to contact with one another anymore. The decision lasted for less than a fortnight and luckily I passed the subject on the previous day.

Twelve got mad at me after I travelled to another state to see Twelve and other of our friends. Twelve was right to do that because the trip ended up with Twelve and one of our friend, A had to drive home to send us all. Though, A was happy to have a ride home that weekends for he wanted to go to the cinema.

My friend, H and S had a surprise trip for Twelve. I was with them. My friend brought durian and the fruit annoys me throughout the journey. We ate the durian together beside a petrol station near to Twelve's college.

The first time I met Twelve after two years being away from each other. We ate at Little Penang with another friend of ours, A. I almost puke when I arrived because I saw blood in the train. Such an embarassment.

I was with the choir club in the hall. We were taking a break and I played a traditional game with a friend, F. Then another friend of mine, N came up to me and told Twelve likes me. I gave N a weird and annoyed face. N and F laughed at me. Twelve looked confused.

But if number #10 never happened, this post would never exist.

My point is this remaining days of April will mostly determine my future. I am freaking scared and I have sleeping disorder. I missed my meals often and I am easily distracted.

It's 5:20 in the evening and I skipped breakfast and lunch today. Should I wait for dinner?

I will continue writing the numbers in future posts.

By the way, #7 and #10 happened on the same day.

footnote: I installed formspring.me gadget on my blog ! * Itu pun nak excited*

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