17 May 2010


I was too lazy to update. But I said to myself if I get a new follower today then I will write. Oh.

It occurs in the surau near the place I work.

I was sitting down and tracing my finger on the marble floor when I felt the person beside me moved closer to me. Though, she didn't touch me. She is an old woman, probably a grandmother. And she moved because her granddaughter leaned on her shoulder then, on her lap. I couldn't help staring at them for first few seconds. The granddaughter should age the same or one year younger from me.

I wish I knew more about my grandmother, maternally or paternally.

I wish they are still here.

I wish I can be that girl.

*Dramatically, I would cry and weep and sob uncontrollably if it was really a movie I would cry my heart out and throw popcorns and tantrums for the scene touch my heart so tenderly and I feel so bad about my luck and I feel jealous over that girl or maybe I should just be a maniac and pushed her aside and scream to her ''you're not the only person on earth who has grandmother, EVERYBODY DOES!'' and walked away then stomp the door roughly but I still have my sanity with me ha ha*

God loves them more. Please bless them, always.

footnote: Dah letak gambar kaki untuk post sebelum ni dah yeay !


  1. aku tgh bayangkan drama yg kau nak lakonkan tu. HAHAHA

  2. hahahhahha kita harus lakonkan drama-drama terhebat whenever necessary :D