18 May 2010

school of rock

Content warning: Not suitable for the writer's loyal haters who will be bitchy about boyfriend or boy best friend and those who expect writer will write according to what they want to hear.

Nice is when you took a pen from your boy best friend's car and the car's smell sticks to it and then, it sticks on your hand for one whole day and you simply get distracted by that.

I went to several places in one day. All places are simply related to me since 2004.

First, Twelve picked me up at home and he looked charmingly handsome *kau perasan at this point, I know*. Then he drove to Shah Alam to pick up Encik Best Man and Cik Crapola. Cik Crapola and I need to fetch our foundation transcript and it has to be certified for our upcoming interview(s).

We went to Kuala Lumpur and Hulu Selangor to fetch some certificates and visit some lovely people at the School of Rock.

The worst part of the trip was when Twelve asked me to leave the office while they were signing for their certificates. I hate him at that time because I was already sad even before I entered the office. I know he said it jokingly but I took it seriously out of my uneven mood and extraordinary weather.

The best part(s) were all of the trip (except for the one I mentioned just now).

Awesome is when you almost kill your brain for laughing unstoppable in the car with your four crazy, sugar-loaded friends.
Awesome is when you try to find your place to go without GPS and try to avoid traffic jam. Awesome is when you were stuck in a traffic jam in the heart of a big city with your boy best friend and tease each other about whose mom is madder by that time about getting home (quite) late.
Awesome is when you eat family set of Peri Platter at Nando's which is actually made for 3-4 people but you shared it with other four hungry friends.
Awesome is when you argue with your friends about the touch-screen directory that is hardly functional.
Awesome is when you are trapped in the traffic and mistaken by the route you should take with some distractive friends.
Awesome is when you discuss with your friends about doing things you never do in a car but ended up figuring words that spelled backwards.
Awesome is when you see Lancer car during your journey and knowing two of your friends never really recognize how does MyVi looks like when they are riding one.
Awesome is when you leave an RM8 Teacher's Day card at the staff's room signed by the whole batch.
Awesomeness should be the name of this trip; the trip to the School of Rock (?). He he.

Cik Massimo Duti

Cik Crapola

Encik Best Man (tengok cara dia makan nasi macam Cik Crapola kata dia makan macam makan aiskrim maklumlah cashier Baskin Robbin kan)

I love that single day trip and the peeps in it. Charmingly outstanding fellows.

Ini post hebat buatan Cik Crapola tentang dia punya very own version of SANGAT MENGGEMBIRAKAN.

And this post is my version of AWESOMENESS.

footnote untuk Twelve (yang lain tak payah baca): Honey, nak lagi trip macam tu! Let's call it Awesomeness 2!

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