08 October 2010

the thing about blog

This is the one that I promised in the previous post.

I've been blogging for somewhat like four years plus. I used to blog on my late blogspot somehow now buried somewhere (rest-in-peace) but I still have it published. I just don't want to create any connection between this blog and that blog though somehow they are connected in a way. Mind over that.

For years I've been blogging, the first year didn't bother me much. I mean, I was sent away to boarding school but I can bear not to think about my blog as much. I've got not much reader. Just few anonymous ones maybe.

And so on.

I think I changed throughout my blog years. I changed my style of writing, my perception towards something and my acceptance towards people who like and dislike me because of my blog as well as people who suddenly jump into my life through blog.

I used to have not many pictures in my blog. Later, I uploaded somewhat many pictures. Then I got lazy so no pictures on my posts - dull posts. Now, I don't know.

One thing about blog is when you are in an event where you find something _________ that you suddenly have the urge to put in on blog, you take many pictures and start writing long posts about it. Or sometimes because there are too many pictures, you post it without saying anything. 

Another thing about blog (which may actually confused me) is the readers' reaction.

I write blog.
You read blog.
I write = You read 
I write blog that you read. 
You read blog that I write.

RR stands for Reader's Reaction.

RR: You read my post and do nothing.

RR1: You like my post, you read, you follow, you leave nice comments and keep reading other posts.

RR2: You like my post, you've followed and you are readily my friend. You comment in front of my face the next time we meet.

RR3: You hate my post and you don't even know me. You leave a sarcastic comments and walk away. Optional method: You are still dissatisfied so you leave sarcastic comments (or questions) in my formspring.

RR4: You hate my post and you are my friend but anyhow you need to say it to other people about how stupid I write or view things. Or maybe you commented straight on my face but typically, you do it anonymously and you act normal in front of me even deep inside you hate me so much.

This one last thing about blog is:

If I read a post from an author I don't know of and I like it, I will leave nice and appropriate comments.

If I read a post from a friend I am close with and I like it, I will tell him/her job nicely done.

If I read a post from an author I don't know of and it annoys me, I will leave the site and if it REALLY REALLY annoys me, I will say about it on my blog.

If I read a post from a friend I and it annoys me, I will leave the site and if it REALLY REALLY annoys me, I will say about it on my blog.

The blog is not yours and you're only a reader. 
You may say something bad about the blog but nicely and appropriately. You don't need to insert harsh words or even cursing words for the author.
If you're capable of writing long comments, why are you incapable of writing them in your own blog?
If you're incapable of blogging, why are you judging like you have one nice piece of your own writings?

Show some respect to the people who blog. 
If you blog, you'd want to earn respect as much as other bloggers do.

With that, I thank you.

footnote: I'm coming home, at last !


  1. cursing word rocks your blog .

  2. hahahahahaha i don't even know why i am doing this :DD