02 January 2011

boo for texting while driving

and people who talks to the phone while driving.

I think technology is killing us.

I can explain how the machines can kill you at one time provided that you explain to me why do you have to use the machines all in one time.

One man is driving a car with his whole family inside the car.
The wife is holding GPS for him.
The children were at the back.

This man is texting and calling some people.
This man is driving.
This man is listening to the GPS instruction.
This man is talking to his wife.
This man is driving the car.

At one point, GPS instructs, 'In 200 metres, take left to exit the highway'.
The wife repeats the instruction.

This man takes right and sped.
He misses the turn and he blames his wife.

Now tell me, why again?

Human may not be as same as the machines.
Sure we can all beat the machines but if you can't multitask then don't.

Why can't you hold the calls or texts until you've arrived the destination safely.

Even Oprah Winfrey along with some other celebrities pledge not to text while driving.

True story.

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