19 June 2014

finally final

Believe it or not, today I have finished my final class as a TESL student. I am expected to graduate this year.

Am I ready? I don't suppose I have a choice. Even if I do, I am.
What will happen next? I am never certain of that.

People always come up with dumb questions like - what will you do next? Will you get married? What are you aiming for now? Will you graduate soon?

No idea.
Yes, like everyone else will.
Be happy.

I itch to travel lately but I accept that I have to bury the itchiness deep down within my bones at let them be there. I shall ignore the itchiness to save my future from total jeopardy.

As I am writing this, I have less than a week to submit my Academic Exercise (sort of like your Final Year Project or infamous Term Paper, for some) apart from one journal, three essay papers and two final exams within the span of three weeks.

Crazy, huh? Nope.
I am typing this in the university library listening to whatever Spotify plays for me.
It's 5.47 am and I have been here since 12.30 am.
Not crazy at all. This is not my first time.

I need a bloody good run. A damn bloody good run.