27 January 2015

breaking the long hiatus


I know I have not been publishing anything for a long time. I doubt anyone even notice me.
So, Happy New Year - though I am almost a month late.

I have been happier, I should admit this.
When I turned 23 in December, I took a week to come clean. I sit alone most of the time and rethought and replayed many memories.

I decided to let go many things.
I decided to forgive many people.
I decided to forget many casualties.

These decisions are the best I have made in two decades of living.
I stop holding grudges to those who were mean to me verbally or physically or mentally.


I am starting a brand new phase of life. So, in these several months it would be a good decision to keep myself positive.

For 28 days, I've muted negativity on my social media and learned to skip bad influences.
Surely I haven't completely succeeded this. But I am absolutely determined.

All in all, forgive me - if you'd known me personally or virtually - for my wrongdoings. If you wish to personally address any of my offensive behaviour and to demand personal apologies, PLEASE, by all means do contact me.
Thank you for your presence and involvement in my life in any manner and any time. I truly appreciate it.


I get to join Masters programme of the similar course to my degree.
In case, it is important to update about whatever I am doing with my life now.
And possibly tie the legal knot soon enough.

Have a good year, folks!